Thanks for everything, An Event Apart

The iconic web conference, An Event Apart, has ended it’s 17-year long run. The AEA San Francisco event a few weeks ago was their last.

An Event Apart was the first web conference I ever attended. I remember working hard to convince my boss to cover my ticket and then being so excited when she agreed.

Years later, I was invited to speak on their stage. I was so nervous and excited. It felt like I’d finally made it in a way.

It was always an honor to be asked to speak at An Event Apart. And intimidating too. It was the kind of event that had a reputation for top-notch talks, so there was always a bit of self-imposed pressure to meet that bar. I know a lot of other AEA speakers, if not all of them, felt the same way. That’s part of what made the event so special. Knowing that everyone was brining their best to the stage.

An Event Apart had a big impact on my life and career. I became a better speaker on their stage, and I learned so much from their attendees and other speakers. I made many good friends over the years that I would never have met without AEA. This really does feel like end of an era.

So, a huge thank you to Eric, Jeffrey, Toby, Marci and the rest of the AEA crew for everything they did to make it such a special event for us for so many years.

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