Podcast playlist: web animation and motion design listening list

The weekend is a perfect time to catch up on some podcast listening. (Especially long weekends if you’re in Canada or the US right now). If you’re looking for new podcasts to check out, here are my top picks of web animation and motion design podcast episodes for your playlist:

Every show features an interview with a motion designer about their work and career along with a cute animated animal. Two of my favourite episodes are the Jordan Scott interview and the Rachel Yonda interview.

The ShopTalk Show
The ShopTalk Show is one of the best Web Design podcasts out there and they’ve had two recent episodes all about web animation. Sarah Drasner and I talk motion style guides and more on Episode 216, and Episode 203 is all about the Web Animation API.

Strong Women in Motion
Strong Women in Motion only has a few episodes out, but it’s really interesting to hear how these creative directors and studio owners found motion design and built their careers. The interviews with Karing Fong and Rosie Graschina were two of my favorites.

The Creative Coding Podcast
This show usually focuses on the digital art side of coding, but there are two recent episodes that cover some web animation topics. Episode 61 features Dan Shiffman, talking about p5.js and teaching code. And episode 56 is all about SVG and canvas featuring interviews with Sara Soueidan and Mariko Kosaka.

Motion and Meaning Season 1
For an in-depth look at how animation can benefit UI design plus a lot of dessert metaphors, check out the first season of Motion and Meaning hosted by Cennydd Bowles and me.

Iterate Episode 86
The Iterate podcast covers a lot of design topics, especially around designing for iOS and Apple related products. In the most recent episode they discuss the differences in prototyping workflows with Adobe XD, Principle and Flinto. That’s only the first 20 minutes of the show, but it’s an interesting listen on how other designers use these tools.

That’s a good start for a weekend filled with web animation and motion design podcast listening fun. These will also work just as well for your commute and other prime podcast listening times too, of course.

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