Screencast: UI Animation Reviews – Web Forms

During my last workshop of 2014, someone asked me why I show lots of video examples in my workshop but never share them online. Good question! The answer is – I just never thought to. (Not a very good answer, I’ll admit.)

So, I thought I’d post some of these video clips and review them in this latest episode of All The Right Moves. This episode is dedicated to UI animation reviews! I look at five web forms with animation and talk about what works and what they do well.

In this episode I review:

  • Stripe Checkout
  • The Creative Mornings site login form
  • The Readme login form
  • Basecamp’s new sign up form
  • The Shopify sign up process

This is the first time I’ve done an episode UI animation reviews, so let me know if they’re helpful. I’ll definitely post more if they are! I have a huge folder on my hard drive full of these little screen grabs just waiting to be used :)

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