ebook or printed book? I asked the internet

Yesterday I took to Twitter with a question I’ve been pondering lately: Do people prefer ebooks or printed books for Web Design topics. This was in no way a scientific poll, but nonetheless I thought the results were interesting and maybe you will too.

A total of 66 people responded to my question:

Of those, 20 said they preferred ebooks outright, 34 preferred printed books, and 12 would rather have their books in both formats for the best of both worlds.

The main argument for ebooks was their portability. Hard to argue with that! Also the lower prices and lack of shipping costs were cited as well.

The majority of people said print books were easier to keep for easily referencing later. Unsurprisingly, print was preferred for books with lots of images or graphics.

I collected all the results in this Google spreadsheet if you want to take a closer look.

Feel free to comment to weigh in on the question too!

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