Intro to Creative Coding with Processing…again!

Calling all Pittsburgh design and artist types who want to learn code! The awesome folks at HackPittsburgh are running my intro Processing workshop again later this month!

This workshop is an introduction to Processing just for creative types! We’re going to spend the day learning the basics of programming by drawing, animating, and making simple interactive sketches with code. Check out some of the example exercises from the last workshop.

The goal of the class is to give you the Processing foundation you need to start exploring on your own and to inspire you with Processing work done by other artists and designers. We’ll have fun (and lunch) and there’s no need to have any prior experience writing code. Really, none.

If you’re a local artist or designer I’d love to see you there!

Intro to Creative Coding with Processing
Saturday, Aug 25th, 10am – 4pm
Tickets and more info

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