Coming Up in Kansas City: D2W Conference!

This year has gone so fast so far, I can’t believe that it’s practically summer already. And that means that the D2W Conference is so so close! I’m super excited about it.

D2W is a designer/developer workflow conference with designer, developer, and mobile tracks. There’s tons of great topics and speakers over three days, plus pre-conference hands-on workshop options. It all takes place in Kansas CIty from July 14-16th.

I’ll be speaking on one of my favourite things, designing with CSS3. My session is called “The CSS3 is in the Details” and I’ll be covering both the technical side of what’s available to us with the CSS3 spec as well as what to use and how to use it effectively. And of course, I plan to get a good bit in about web type as well. It’s going to be fun, I’m really looking forward to it!

I’m excited to check out out some of the other sessions too, especially Seb’s Creative HTML5 & JavaScript workshop.

Register now to get in on the fun. Use the code “speakerGuest” to get in at the now-expired earlyBird prices!

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