The Value of Fresh Eyes

If you work solo or in a really small team, you’ve probably been in this position before. You’ve spent hours upon hours, or maybe days upon days, working on a design for the same project. It’s just you, the sole designer on this project designing away. Maybe it’s smooth sailing and you feel like you’ve got it all figured out. Or, maybe you’re banging your head against a proverbial wall.

In either case, never underestimate the benefit of fresh eyes. Get someone else to look at what you’re working on and talk them through the design.

They don’t have to be designers. They don’t have to know anything about design. They don’t even have to be someone you respect (but that’s kind of weird, isn’t it?)

I guarantee they will bring up something that you hadn’t noticed before that will lead you to at least improve your design and at absolute best, lead you to an answer to that design problem you were stuck on.

Maybe not directly — most of the time it’s not — but that doesn’t matter. They can see things you can’t see even when you are convinced that you’re seeing the whole picture.

In a way, seems like such obvious advice, but it’s something I rediscover over and over!

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