Web (Self) Learning

Earlier today, I posted a question to twitter asking for web design tutorial/teaching site recommendations. A friend had emailed asking for some suggestions for getting up to speed in front-end development, and I realized I hadn’t looked at what’s out there in a while.

If you’re curious, here’s the list of sites I complied for him with the help from my twitter pals. It’s in no way a complete list of everything out there, but it makes for a nice curated list of places to start.

CSS and HTML Topics

css-tricks.com (The video tutorial series was highly recommended.)
A List Apart (Yes, not really tutorials, but still very valuable reading.)

Web Design Curricula

INTERact (Still in progress, but there’s some good stuff in what’s already completed.)



Fancy/creative JavaScript Things

Grant Skinner’s Easel.js
Seb Lee-Delisle’s particles and other creative JavaScript fun

I added those last two because this list was going to someone with a pretty serious programming background. You were wondering what I was doing going from basic CSS tutorials to “make stuff fly around with Canvas” in one list, weren’t you?

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