2010 is Going to be Awesome

Just a little over 20 days into the new year, and I already have so many things on my calendar this year that I am super excited about. 2010 is shaping up to be a really great year. Here’s a few things I have coming up that I’m really looking forward to.


I’ll be speaking at both FITC Toronto and Flashbelt this year. I’m psyched to be on the speakers list with so many awesome folks.

Both these events are great conferences, so if you’re in Toronto or Minneapolis I highly recommend attending. Even if you’re not in the area, both are worth traveling to.

Flashpitt 2010

It’s hard to explain how excited I am to be working on plans for the third Flashpitt. The last two years have been amazing and this year will be too. Lots of work but also lots of fun. The details are still being finalized, so we can’t share much publicly yet, but there’s definitely lots in motion behind the scenes.


This one is very much still in the works, but I’m excited about it so I’m putting it in this list. The entire On the Fridge, LLC crew have been wanting to get workshops going for a while. We had a successful run of workshop at Flashpitt 2009 and as of this week we have some solid plans for our first workshop independent of a conference.

The first one will be an intro level Flash workshop with Josh Sager and I as the instructors. We’re currently nailing down venue details, but the workshop will be held in the early spring.


I try to travel as much as I can, but if you can believe it, this year was my first ever trip to the west coast. (!?) Conveniently it was also a trip to LA in the middle of winter, so double bonus there. If all goes as planned, I’ll also be making it back to Europe later this year for the first time in a really really long time.

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