Beyond “Hello World”


A while back I posted about my soft circuits hello world project. A simple wrist cuff with LEDs and a sewn snap switch. Since then, I’ve been up to a few more things that I thought I’d share.

I’ve had a lot of fun making fabric buttons and sewing switches, then using them to make LEDs light up in various ways. Some of my projects were just plain silly, like the gingerbread zombie and sending tweets on a button press. Some didn’t quite live up to my vision, like the one that ended up looking like a jawa with too many eyes.(Oops!)

Despite the fact that all of these projects are essentially just connecting LEDs to a battery and adding a switch, I’ve learned a lot making these. I love combining things that don’t seem like they should go to together. Putting electronic bits into hand crafted fabric projects is a perfect way to do just that.

My current project is a dog hoodie (yes, for my dog) fitted with a photoresister and LEDs. It’s not postworthy yet, but if you’re curious, you can follow the progress on flickr.

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