Three of my favorite talks from SP-AN

I spent most of this past Thursday and Friday at Google Design’s SP-AN conference in Pittsburgh. The projects that many of the speakers were working on were so inspiring. The kind of projects that sit somewhere between art and technology, but not in the silly buzzword kind of way.

Here are three of my favorite talks from the event, conveniently recorded on the lifestream so yo can watch them too.

1 – Madeline Gannon’s opening keynote on her work changing our perception of industrial robots and more. I hadn’t seen Madeline’s work before, but it’s super rad and will change the way you think about industrial robots.

2 – Mimi’s closing keynote on weird data and missing data sets. The story she told around weird data, why we collect data and the reasons we don’t collect certain kinds of data were so interesting. (Her librarly of missing datasets installation and the related github project are also worth checking out.)

3 – Sara Hendren’s work around accessibility and urban spaces is really facinating. Her take on applying the believing game to her students’ project work was also really interesting. She covers both in her talk too.

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