Big news: I’ve joined Adobe!

Big news, friends! I’ve just started a brand new job at Adobe as a designer advocate focusing on UX/UI animation. I’m very excited to join Khoi Vinh and the Adobe Design team starting this week.

My role is to bring Adobe’s design initiatives and the web design community closer together. I’ll be a voice of the interaction design community inside Adobe, helping to shape their UX/UI animation related tools for designers. To start, I’ll be especially focused around Adobe XD and how it will handle the needs of designing and prototyping UI animation.

This is a big change for me but I’ll still be doing conference talks, workshops, and writing around web animation and UI animation. That will all stay the same. In fact, I’ll be creating even more helpful animation resources.

It’s been fun being an independent consultant for the last few years—I’ve been lucky enough to work with some really wonderful clients along the way— but I couldn’t pass up a great opportunity like this to work with some really smart folks and help shape the future of UX animation tools at Adobe.

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