The first Web Animation Workshops event was a hit!

Val Head teaching web animation at IBM  Design
Me talking CSS animation.
Last week Sarah Drasner and I ran the first workshop in our Web Animation Workshop series. Austin, TX was our first stop and thanks to a wonderful group of attendees the whole workshop was a blast.

It was so exciting to see the animations attendees made during the workshop and how much they learned over the two days. That’s my favourite part about workshops. Teaching the workshop with a super smart friend like Sarah made it even better too. I might even go so far to say this was my favourite workshop that I taught all year.

We’re taking this workshop to a number of cities (and companies!) in December and 2017. If you want to learn some practical web animation techniques, we’d love to see you at a future workshop. NYC is our next stop and I can’t wait to do it all again!

Sarah Drasner teaching web animation at IBM Design
Sarah sharing Greensock animation tips.

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