Interface Animation for the Web Resources Page

I’ve been very lucky to have the opportunity to speak at a lot of conferences this year. I’ve had many chats with people all over the world who are excited to learn more about web animation thanks to these events. This makes me very happy! I’m very excited about what we can do with animation on the web today, so it’s wonderful to talk with other people who are too!

Many of you have ask for recommendations on where to get started with web animation and interface animation for the web. So, I’ve finally made all my favourite resources public in one place on my animation & UX resources page.

If you’ve seen me at a conference this year and have been inspired to try out some of this animation fun for yourself, this page is for you! (Even if we haven’t spoken in person, you’ll find this page helpful.) It has recommendations for learning CSS animation, articles on best practices for interface animation, performance tips, and more. Check out all the resources here!

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