Name your price for my CSS Animations Pocket Guide

Yesterday my publisher called it quits. Today I’m giving my book away for whatever you’d like to pay.

Yesterday morning had a rather interesting start for me. While reading Twitter in bed (as you do) I discovered that my book’s publisher had suddenly closed its doors and taken down its web site.

Thankfully, Five Simple Steps was run by some very nice people and they’ve transferred all the rights to the pocket guide books back to the authors. That leaves me with an ebook I’m free to sell through any channels I’d like on my own. But, I’d rather give it away for free.

As of this morning The CSS Animations Pocket Guide is available for download for whatever price you’d like to pay. That can even be $0, and you don’t even have to give me your email. If you want it, you can get it with no string attached.

My main motivation for writing the book was to share what CSS animations can do and encourage people to try them out. To me, the more people that have the book, the better!

Of course this is also a bit of an experiment. We’re a community that thrives on sharing and I believe that we’re all willing to pay for things that provide value to us. But really, it’s anyone’s guess how this will go.

Go grab yourself a copy of The CSS Animations Pocket Guide for whatever price you’d like. If you make something fun, tell me on Twitter. Happy animating!


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