Code To Print Workshop Success!


The first run of my Code to Print workshop was this Saturday and it was such a fun day! I was so excited to see what my class created. Some of them were going from no programming experience at all to a finished code-generated print by the end of the day. That’s no small feat in just a few hours!

We started out the day with a quick tour of the Processing environment, coffee, and a walkthrough of the simple drawing engine I built for the class. With that, it was off to the races and everyone dove in to code up their individual creations. Just before lunch, we sent our colour separations out to Dan who printed films and burned screens while we stopped to refuel with some lunch. Then we spent the afternoon in the Commonwealth Press shop, printing each coded creation in a variety of two-colour prints.

Here are the results of the action-packed coding and printing day!

Siena printed her fun batch of circles in a mix of cyan, silver and hot pink, then topped it off with a layer of spot gloss:


Anastasia whipped up some glitchy triangles dramatically staged in purple and neon green on black paper:


Laura teaches programming to kids in grade 7 and 8. She used one of the kids’ sketches as the basis of her print:


Check out the full set of photos from the printing half of the workshop on Flickr.

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