FITC Toronto wrap up – slides and notes!

I had such a wonderful time at FITC Toronto this year. It was great to see so many new faces this time around. And to meet so many of them!

I did two talks while I was there: Designing Motion with CSS and JavaScript and CreativeJS Typography. That’s a lot of talking over a few days! I was psyched so many folks came out to my sessions. It was super fun to share some handy tips and cat jokes with all of you!

For those who were asking (and anyone else who’s curious) here are my slides from my main talk as well as a couple notable links. For my main session, we talked about tricks to make sure your animations are awesome no matter what’s behind them. And demystified how CSS transitions and animations can be useful and fun.

Download the PDF version

Ceaser, the Penner Equations approximated for CSS

An expanded version of the code example I ran through

For my Influxis lounge talk, I shared some little experiments I’ve been working on with type and canvas. All the code stuff I talked through is up on github now too. Check out fitc-creativejs-typography for all the fun.

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