Intro to creative coding workshop success!

Happily showing off their Processing badges at the end of the day!

I had such a great time teaching my first Processing workshop this past weekend. I had a wonderful group of ten students to spend the day with and get them started on their own creative coding adventures.

We set aside the last half hour of the class as “free time” for everyone to make something on their own. (An idea I borrowed from Seb’s CreativeJS training.) It was amazing to see what the class came up with even in such a short time. Most of them had never even opened Processing or done any kind of programming before. That made it even more impressive!

The class hard at work making fun things!

This was my first time teaching a group who were so new to programming, but it was one of my most rewarding teaching experiences. If you’ve been considering the idea of teaching to share your own knowledge and experience, I can’t recommend it enough. It’s amazingly fun and rewarding. And you’ll always learn something new every time you do it!

A huge thanks to my class for making it such a fun day and to HackPittsburgh for hosting us in the shop!

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