Pretty Rude: Prints with Some Attitude

Combining things that don’t usually go together is always fun. Combining things that are pretty much opposite is especially fun. I’ve come across a few prints lately that are beautiful and rude all at the same time and I thought I’d share. Maybe there’s someone on your gift buying list that would get a kick out of one of these. Assuming you’re buying for anyone who has a good sense of humour, of course.

Dirty Bandits – Ex BoyFriend Prints Series to see more of their work, or go straight to Etsy to buy some.

Allison Charmichael -” Words look nicer when they’re hand lettered” print

(image via but you can also find it, and how to buy it, in the shop section of

Seb Lester – F*ck in gold and silver

(image courtesy of the scrawl collective)
you can buy it here

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