“I can’t believe I designed that” – A little bit of fun

As designers we’re all about showing off the projects we’re really proud of. The ones that turn out great. But what about all the other projects? And I don’t mean the ones that turned out okay. What about the ones that turn out so bad you don’t even want to admit you worked on it? The ones you want to hide and pretend they never existed. What if you shared those designs? Would you feel a little better about them?

Earlier, Rachel tweeted If the designers out there could see what is happening in my world right now, they would laugh until they cried..

That made me think – why not? Let’s try to have some fun with these designs we’d rather not think about and maybe even commiserate a little.

After a little talking over diner food with Rachel, Steph and Josh, here’s some possible game ideas we came up with:

  • have a “I can’t believe I designed this” show gallery style in someone’s dining room.
  • print them up, put them on the walls, unlabeled, then have everyone try to match a list of names to the designs
  • powerpoint karaoke stye descriptions of each design selected randomly

All the above would be paired with at least a few bottles of wine — or some other drink of preference — i’m sure. Go ahead, steal this idea, have some fun with it!

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