Setting Up The Android SDK With Flash CS5

After watching the android set up tutorial that Lee posted, I thought that the SDK set up would be pretty easy. Terminal and I aren’t quiet friends yet, so I was a little skeptical, but it looked easy enough to set up.

Turns out I wasn’t so lucky with getting the SDK up and running at first. Thanks to twitter, IM, some fancy screen sharing, and the always helpful Flash community, I was finally able to get up and running.

Since the error I was getting seems to be a bit obscure, I’m going to throw this helpful tip in: If you’re getting the “failed to parse the output of ‘adb version'” error when running DDM, try re-downloading the SDK files and re-set them up in a different directory. That’s what fixed it for my machine.

ETA: If you’re having trouble with the adb part but not actually getting that specific error, Seb’s post has some helpful tips.

Once you get the SDK set up — hopefully error free unlike me — it’s really easy to publish out an .apk file from Flash Professional. As in really super easy. I had my test file written and on the n1 within minutes.

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