The “Debate” and People Who Say it Better Than Me

As I’ve said in some previous posts, I don’t really believe “HTML5 vs Flash” is really a battle. There is absolutely room for both in our tool set and the way web technologies are constantly on the move makes our jobs more interesting. Not surprisingly, some other great folks have made this points much more eloquently and elaborately than I have:

This post by Matt Kenefick does a great job explaining why plug-ins are a good thing and why HTML5 and Flash can’t really be compared apples to apples.

On A list Apart, Dan Mall explained why user experience matters more than what technology you use.

Reading articles like these pretty much leave me with nothing more to do than nod my head in agreement. If you feel the same way, I suggest you check out this blog that Jamie started to address a lot of the underlying issues that get us to the point of feeling the need to take sides.

This is an exciting time to be doing what we do. It seems like both the tools we use, and the devices that can see what we build are changing faster than ever. Having all these new things to consider — like the iPad not running any plug-ins or intensive JavaScript, for example — forces us to put more thought into how we build our projects. I don’t mean the choice of which “side” to pick and which technology to build it with. I mean the choices of how the tools/technologies we choose will work together to make the end product what it needs to be for all the variations of our users.

If that’s all too much serious talk for you, read Stop trying to make the internet boring or Flash as an attitude. We all got into this line of work because we like to make things, right?

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