Wearables & Soft Circuits Inpiration Links

A couple people on twitter have asked me for links to sites I’d recommend for soft circuit/wearables inspiration and resources. This isn’t a complete list by any means but here’s a few links to get things started:

Fashioning Technology: Syuzi does a really great job posting projects and short write ups about them. There’s also a forum and other typical ning things on the site. (Syuzi’s book also has some great info in it!)

Talk to My Shirt does a great job of aggregating notable projects too. They also recently launched weSearch, which is a specialized search for wearable technology and eTextiles.

Hannah Perner-Wilson’s Flickr Stream and site have lots of great info and projects. The how to get what you want site she helps maintain probably has the largest collection of soft-circuits info in one place.

Also The projects of the high-low tech group at MIT are amazing. Their site doesn’t have a whole lot, but their work shows up on the MAKE and Craft blogs from time to time. Like in this video post.

Meg Grant’s projects. Some really cool embroidered code in them as well.

Craft zine has a soft circuits feed and a fashion technology feed that features a lot of neat projects.

Also, here’s some folks I’d recommend following on twitter:

I’m sure there are more great sites out there too. If you know of some, please let me know.

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