Two really awesome Pittsburgh based projects

locally toned map

It seems like there’s been an influx of really awesome things happening in Pittsburgh lately. Here’s two tech related projects that I’m finding particularly exciting.


This is an app done by the YinzCam folks for reporting city issues via your iPhone. This Engadget post talks about how it works.

It’s reported that Pittsburgh is the first city to have something like this app which makes it even cooler. I know I’ll be using this app because the only thing I like more than playing with my iPhone is complaining about potholes!

Also, I would love to see the map of all the submissions. I bet there are some pretty outlandish and hilarious ones in there. Just think of the posts they must get at 3am from Carson St.

Locally Toned

Locally Toned is artist T. Foley’s public art/original ringtone creation project. Basically she records sounds around Pittsburgh and makes them into ringtones that anyone can download. Users can submit ringtones as well. She was even at the PAPA Championship “performing” the ringtones live and handing out cards with the download URL.

The goals of the project are technological empowerment, community service and the substitution of a system of shared creativity for one of commerce (the distribution of music industry ringtones). (Taken from locallytoned’s site).

I really love the idea of thinking about ringtones as art or a performance. They’ve become something we hear many many times in any given day that you almost don’t think of them at all. Making them more personal, and having something other than the ones your carrier forces on you is much more exciting.

It’s take a little bit of work to get them on the iPhone (thanks, AT&T…), but it was totally worth it to have my phone sound like a pinball machine!

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