Why can’t Flex get into the CS Party?

That might sound like a weird question to ask. After all,  “Creative”  isn’t exactly a word that you would use to describe Flex. But with all the advantages it has over coding in the IDE, it saves me time that I can use to do the creative stuff.  And it’s made the by the same company, so, why not?

The main reason I ask, to be honest, is that I’m hooked.  Once you get to work with things like magical imports and that cool little feature that displays the constructor arguments for you, how could you go back?

If the editor in the IDE leaves much to be desired, why not give all us designer+developers an easy way to get Flex as part of a suite?  It could find a place in Web Premium, or even maybe Master Suite if you want to get a little crazy.  “Creative Suite… now with Flex!”

Yeah, there are other free or much cheaper options that you can set up to do pretty much the same thing that Flex does. But Flex could become the one that you didn’t have to go through any extra effort or cost to get your hands on if it was part of a suite. That couldn’t really hurt, right?

Obviously, this post is being written half jokingly.  In all seriousness though, I wonder if it would easier for the new folks to take that next step in  picking up AS3 if a solid code editor was more easily available however or whichever way that might come about.

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