Designer/Developers aren’t completely forgotten

If you’ve been following the Flash blogs/aggregators I’m sure you’ve seen the posts cropping up that say that the Flash IDE is dead or the posts segmenting the industry into Flex developers and Flash designers.

If you’re like me, the ideas in those posts don’t sit to well with you.  Anyone who does both design and development has probably started to wonder whether Adobe has them in mind at all when developing future versions of Flash.

I was really happy to see that Adobe is paying attention.  In response to an open letter to Adobe,  Lee Brimelow has gone so far as to ask the community for help improving the Flash code editor.  I’d encourage anyone who still uses the Flash IDE to code to add their two cents.  (If you’re curious, here is the letter, and here is Lee’s first post responding to that letter)

Will this mean that all will be solved in CS4?  Probably not.  As Lee mentioned in this post making changes to the Flash IDE editor will not be easy for the development team.  Hopefully, though  a big response to Lee’s request will convince the development team that it’s worth it to make some of these changes.

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