SWFObject 2.0 beta

This bit of news got lost in all the other news to come out at MAX and around the same time as MAX. What was formerly SWFFix is now SWFObject 2.0 and it is in beta.

If you’re wondering what SWFFix was, it was an effort by the creators of the two big Flash embed and detect scripts — SWFObject and UFO — to combine forces. Now SWFFix is SWFObject 2.0. That might be a little confusing, but you get the idea. A much more detailed explaination is in this post on deconcept.

I’m happy to see development of SWFObject continue, but I think this was the most interesting part of that post:

“…and since we have Adobe involved, they will be including this embed system in the Adobe authoring tools in the future.”

Having SWFObject combined in authoring tools (I’m assuming Dreamweaver and Flash) would definitely save some time. I’m glad to see another example of Adobe listening to their user community and picking up something like this. Hopefully that’s what we’ll have in Cs4 or whatever they will be calling it.

You can check out the SWFObject 2.0 beta code on google code.

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