bacn – how it all got started

It started at the registration desk at Podcamp Pittsburgh 2 on Saturday afternoon. We (Andy Quale, Jesse Hambley, Tommy Vallier, Jason Head, Val Head and Ann Turiano) were having an amusing discussion about back bacon (aka canadian bacon) and how some people we know twitter so much we have to turn off notifications for them.

Tommy Vallier mentioned that back bacon is also called peameal bacon. You’ll notice that sounds like”email bacon”. Suddenly, we had both a concept and a name for it. Email bacn – notifications you want, just not right now. It’s not spam – you signed up for it and you actually DO want that information – but yet it still feels like it’s wasting your time.

There you have it. The domain was purchased before the conversation ended. A session discussing bacn at Podcamp Pittsburgh 2 was held the next day. Then, a public service announcement was recorded.

Blog posts defining the concept have popped up everywhere. Less than 48 hours later google blog search results for “bacn” look like this. There are even posts about it in russian. The internet is truly amazing!

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