Flash CS3 code hinting gottchas

If you’re switching back and forth between AS2 and AS3 a lot, beware of mixing the two unintentionally. I’ve run into a couple of instances recently where mistakenly mixing the two highlights as correct in the editor and doesn’t cause any kind of error to be output when tested.

In light of that, here’s a couple of tips to help make sure you’re getting the code hints you want no matter which AS version you are intending to write using Flash CS3:

  1. In the Actions Panel of a Flash document, open the left-hand side that you most likely keep collapsed to selection which AS version you will be using.
    actions panel
  2. If you’re editing an Actionscript file in the Flash IDE, know that the code hinting and highlighting will always show hints for AS3. Proper AS2 terms will still highlight as expected but they won’t necessarily show up in the drop-down as you are typing.

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