Screencast: UI Animation Reviews – Web Navigation

I’m back with another UI animation review episode for All The Right Moves! This time I’m reviewing five examples of sites that use animation well in their navigation. We’ve got animation that helps keep you oriented, animation that works well even with keyboard controls, animation that fits in thanks to consistent art direction, and more. There’s so much to talk about with navigation and animation, I might need to do a part two later on!

In this episode I review:

Thanks to Jules for suggesting Concrete Matter on Twitter! As always, I’d love to hear what you think. If you find these helpful or have a site you’d like me to review, let me know in the comments or on Twitter.

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To learn more about web animation and using it in your own work, check out my course on CSS Animation and my UI animation resource page.

  • Great commentary; refreshing to see a roundup in video form – thanks!

  • Dave Llandy

    Awesome roundup! Check out this navigation –

  • valhead

    Thanks Tim! I find this stuff is easier to cover in video than writing most of the time :)

  • valhead

    Thanks Dave! I’ll check that one out.

  • Sagi Shrieber

    Thanks Val! Great review! I’ll be sharing it in the upcoming HackingUI newsletter.

  • kmaxat

    Great review! Are you only specialized in web? Do you do reviews of mobile UI?

  • valhead

    Wonderful. Thanks Sagi :)

  • valhead

    Thanks :) Focusing on web for these first two but I have lots of mobile examples in my collection as well so I’m sure they’ll make their way into these as well.

  • JerryAlmeidaFoxx

    Thanks Val!

  • great :)

  • Christian Bonato

    You just gave me my next topnav. Thanks a lot. Your comments are very much to the point.

  • valhead

    That’s great! Happy to help :)