Animation & UX Resources

Are you looking to get started with web animation? Awesome! Here are some of my favourite resources for learning about web animation and designing interface animations.

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Learning Web Animation

Online courses, ebooks, and especially educational articles:

CSS Animation on (Updated for 2016!)

Designing Interface Animation (book)

The Pocket Guide to CSS Animation

All The Right Moves Screencast

The Art of UI Animations Slides

Everything you ever needed to know about Easing functions

Google’s Web Fundamentals on Animation

UI Animation Articles

A short list of articles that focus on adding motion with meaning and helpful animation that improves user experience. These are some of my favourite reads on interface animation:

Motion UI Design Principles

UI Animation and UX: A Not So Secret Friendship

Web Animation At Work

Transitional Interfaces

What Are Your Transitions Saying?

Providing Meaning with Motion

Animation: From Cartoons to the User Interface (PDF)

Putting Your UIs in Motion: Slides or Luke W’s notes version

Traditional Animation Theory

Animation has such a rich history. This is my short list of where to get started learning about it:

Illusion of Life Tumblr
A little video and a collection of .gifs about the 12 traditional animation principles that are still relevant in our work today. Based on The Illustion of Life book.

Timing for Animation Book
Yes, an entire book about timing. Lots of good stuff in here!


A few of my top choices for finding interface animation inspiration:

Use Your Interface
A library of transitional interface and interaction design patterns.

Six UX
Video snippets of UI animations on screen. Sometimes it gets really shaky, but there is a good variety of exmamples.

Art of The Title
Yeah, I know it’s not UI, but title design can be some great inspiration.

This one focuses on native apps and shows multiple interactions for most apps which is great.


A JavaScript prototyping tool for quick animation options. Not the easiest to combine effects, but if you need to get something together fast, this will do the trick.

A tool for creating and editing complex matrix transform keyframe animations. A million times easier than writing out the matrix transforms yourself!
Cubic-beziers and the Penner easing equations are your friends. This site has the motion graphs, demos, CSS, and JavaScript code all together in one place.


You don’t need me to tell you that performance is important. Consider this list a crash course on making sure your web animations won’t be holding you back:

CSS Triggers
Helpful performance tips for specific CSS properties. Don’t bother trying to remember which properties cause paints or don’t. Just look it up here!

High Performance Animation
The four CSS properties browsers can animate cheaply plus a primer on what Dev Tools is trying to tell you about your animation performance.

Parallax Done Right
How to do parallax if you must do parallax or if you have a really good reason for doing parallax.

Prototyping Software

After Effects
Some may call it overkill or old school, but here’s the thing – if it works for you, use it! And if you’re curious about using it for UI work, this short tutorial will get you started.

Adobe Edge Animate
Love their timeline metaphors! Love the fact that it keeps us in the browser for appropriate context! But for the love of kittens everywhere, never use the code it spits out in production please.

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Sencha Animator

Looking Ahead

Web animation is still in it’s infancy in the grand scheme of things. There are so many more places for us to go! The Web Animation Spec might just get us there?

Silky Smooth Web Animation (with Web Animation Spec)

Motion Path Module
Motion paths in CSS? That could be pretty darn useful, huh?

The Web Animation API tutorials series
A very helpful series by Dan Wilson on how the Web Animation API works.

The Web Animation API working draft
The official word on what is and isn’t part of the spec for the Web Animation API.