Podcasts & Videos

I host a video series call All The Right Moves and co-host the Motion and Meaning podcast with Cennydd. You could say I talk about animation a lot. I used to co-host the Ladies In Tech Podcast too.

All The Right Moves

It’s a screencast series with a clever sounding name stolen from an obscure 80’s Tom Cruise movie. More importantly, it features UI animation reviews plus short tutorials on web animation. All episodes are only a few minutes long, so it’s the perfect way to get quick nuggest of interface animation knowledge. Check out All The Right Moves on Vimeo.

Motion and Meaning

Motion and Meaning is a podcast about motion for digital designers hosted by myself and Cennydd Bowles. In this short run show we discuss important animation topics for designing animation in the digital world. Sometimes we agree, and sometimes we don’t, but it’s always a fun conversation. Catch the latest Motion and Meaning episodes on our site.