Kinect Plushies!

The Art && Code 3D conference took place here in Pittsburgh just a couple of weeks ago and it was awesome, just like the previous Art && Codes were. It was full of amazing project demos and so many amazing super smart creative types. It was a blast!

I was very excited to contribute a little of my own work to the conference, even though it wasn’t made with any kind of depth sensing or projection fanciness. In fact, it mostly involved extremely low tech things like sewing. But on the other hand, it is totally 3D. (yay for terrible jokes.)

Three lucky winners of the speedo presentation awards got to take home an original Art&&Code kinect plushie at the end of the conference. But the plushies were such an unexpected hit with attendees and Golan (the main force behind Art&&Code), it seemed like three wasn’t nearly enough. So, this weekend I whipped up a ‘version two’ of the plushie and posted a pattern for anyone who wants to make their own:
The pattern
The process pics
The instructable

If you make one, I’d love to know!

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